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Programming is fun!

Why should children learn computer programming?

  • Programming is fun!
  • Programming stimulates interest in technology
  • Programming makes children learn how to connect logic to creativity
  • With programming children can build stuff! Design games, create animations, write stories, create music and design graphics
  • Programming lets children learn important skills such as algorithmic thinking
  • Programming helps children to understand the mathematics of computing
  • Programming cultivates children’s social skills development by working collaboratively and share knowledge


KidsCodeSchool provides computer classes hosted by experienced and enthusiastic teachers.

Raspberry PI

Raspberry PI

The Raspberry PI is a small electronic device (PC board) with all the functionality of a computer. The Raspberry PI is an excellent way of teaching the ins and outs of a computer, as well as providing many initiatives to create very interesting projects. It can utilise different operating systems – including a few variations of Linux.


We consider the free online programme, Google’s CS-First, to be an excellent start in the world of programming for kids . CS-First provide materials targeting students in 4th – 8th grades. CS-First offers real-world theme-based clubs consisting of lessons and activities designed for the block-based coding tool Scratch. The clubs are run by teachers and/or community volunteers. No computer science experience necessary!
Scratch Programming


Scratch is a online free project developed by Lifelong Kindergarten Group at the MIT Media Lab. Scratch has a large user community with lots of resources like discussion forums, video tutorials and documentation. The graphical interface of Scratch is online which in turn enables users to save their projects online. Programmers can share their projects on the scratch site where other scratchers can see it, rate it, comment on it and even remix it if they want to add functionality or improve it. Scratch helps children to think creatively, reason systematically and work collaboratively.